Dear Jeff,

 We had such a blast riding the Koski Ski Bike last weekend; I wanted to thank you for exposing me to another dimension of snow sports. Your expert teaching skills and relaxed attitude were the perfect combination for easy learning. Being a lifelong native of Lake Tahoe has given me the opportunity to try many exciting activities ranging from ice climbing to kiteboarding, but I have to say that ski biking has been one of the easiest to learn and was fun from the first ride!

Because I am immersed in planning public bicycle facilities for the California Tahoe Conservancy and my passion for biking in the Lake Tahoe area, I was obviously curious about the Ski Bike. It seemed like a great way to transfer my biking interests onto the snow and mix them with my skiing skills. I also had fun showing-off the high-tech toy to crowds; especially while relaxing in the lift line on a nice cushy seat! I was amazed at how easily the Ski Bike handled all kinds of snow conditions but my favorite was the crud…see the video taken by my friend Dan.

I hope your days are filled with endless open slopes, sunny skies, and good company. Thanks again for the great experience.

Sincerely Yours,

Bob Kingman
California Tahoe Conservancy

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