Lake View

Top of Broadway

Parking Lot


Don & Jeff

Don Koski

Pip & Cory


Mountain View

Jerry, Jim, Jeff & Don

Lower Main

Break Time

Elizabeth & Oscar

Jeff & Michael

Brian & Quinn

Don Koski

Jeff & Don

Gary Bell

Monkey, Jeff & Pip

Lodge View

Beaver Run

Lower Main

Getting Ready

Don's New Ride

Day After Christmas

Day After Christmas

360 Bar & Grill

Gin & Marshall

Day After Christmas

Dave & April

Day After Christmas

Day After Christmas

Jeff & Len

April, Monica & Sarah

Beautiful Day

Ski Shots
Keaton - Team Koski

Rob at the 360

Len Tilton

More Skibikers

Pablo Lopez

Tahoe, Allen, Don & Jeff

Allen, Don & Jeff

Don Koski

Keith Barnes

She Loved it

He loved it

Don Koski

Dan & Smitty

Lower Main

Lower Main


Ski Patrol Keeping Tuned

Mark, Don & Jeff

Don Koski

Ski to your car


West Bowl

Ski Patrol Keeping Tuned

Don Koski, John Rice (General Manager-Sierra @ Tahoe) & 2 Geary Storm Riders

You meet the nicest people at Sierra

Sarah & Dave

Beautiful Lake Tahoe

Another Beautiful Day

Don Koski

Don Koski & Jeff Butcher

Don Koski & John Rice

The Banana Bike

Jeff, Don & Allen

Wes with the silver & banana bike

Mark Reeves on the banana bike

Don, Wes, Keaton & Allen

Tim, Wes, Keaton & Allen

Don and his skibikes

Chris, Don & Keaton

Jeff, Don & Mark

Just kicking Back

Don, Jeff, Chris & Mark


Marshal and Don

The Guys

Jeff & Don

Jeff, Don, Mark & Erin

Mark & Jeff

Jeff's Favorite Bartender Gin

Mark Tearing-up Eastabout

Travis at work

Dave at work

Till next season