My wife and I planned our honeymoon in South Lake Tahoe so I could show her the wonders of the ski-bike. Unfortunately, we discovered that none of the ski resorts and none of the equipment rental places had any ski bikes for rent! We reached out to Don Koski and Jeff Butcher of Koski Snowsports and they gave us the best wedding gift of all: a demo of several Koski ski-bikes at Sierra@Tahoe.

I'd tried ski-biking before and loved it and I wanted to share that delight with my new wife. She had the same experience that I had years ago; with just a bit of practice on the kiddie slope, and only one spill, she found herself slaloming down the mountain's beginner and intermediate slopes. Her first time in the snow! Instead of spending the only day we had on the mountain learning to ski or snowboard, we had her going on the ski bike in no time at all. And I found the Koski bikes to be a great ride compared to the more primitive ski-bikes I had rented years before; they have comfortable seats, great suspension and are available in configurations for either high maneuverability or stability.

We had a blast and will always be grateful to Jeff for taking the time to make our honeymoon a memorable one. Thank you!

Oscar and Elizabeth Cisneros