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Ski instructor Mike Carlson, who has taught lessons using other ski bikes, is a big fan of the Koski MonoTrac design.



Staff at Boreal Ridge take prototype MonoTracs on a test run.



Staff at Donner Ski Ranch

Add MonoTracs to Your Rental Fleet: You'll be glad you did!

The Koski MonoTrac is great way to bring more people out to the slopes. It is one more sport for current enthusiasts to try . On those long weekend visits, some folks are too tired to ski the next day. Skibiking, which requires less endurance, would be an excellent alternative. It also has the best potential to get non-skiers to come out to a resort.

Skiing and snowboarding almost markets itself these days. Why not put some promotional muscle into bringing out a whole new crowd to the slopes. In a few years, who knows what you would have helped create.

Envision the potential clientele:

1.)Those who are afraid to ski, but know how to ride a bike.
2.) Those who used to ski, but can't because of bad knees or stiff
3.) The large group of baby boomers who are heading into their late  50's and aren't as nimble as they were once.
4.) Kids who ride BMX or dirt jumping bikes.

5.) Mountain bikers

With one short lesson, these people will be able to enjoy the mountain instead of waiting for their friends or kids at the lodge.

Also for those who rent mountain bikes in the summer, please note the skibike costs about the same as a low-end full suspension bike and the maintenance costs are lower than a bike.

We invite resort managers and lead instructors to try out the MonoTrac at no cost. It will have you smiling before the end of the first run. Check out the stares you get and we are sure that you will see the potential in renting out MonoTracs. When you decide to rent them, we can also assist with putting together skibike lessons.

Currently there are nearly 20 Resorts that have some brand of skibike for rent. And many more are giving skibikes at least limited access to their slopes.

We have been visiting management and staff at various resorts in the Lake Tahoe area. Everybody has been wildly positive about this machine.

For a list of skibike-friendly resorts click HERE.

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