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As with skiing and snowboarding, helmets and padding are recommended for daredevils and racers. Otherwise, no safety equipment required.

How Safe Are They?

A big myth of skibikes/skibobs is that they are dangerous. The fear is "what if you are hit with one of these things?". Skibobs has been an accepted snowsport in Europe for over 50 years and serious accidents are uncommon. There is a good reason for that. As we mentioned before, you learn to be in control of a skibike much faster than you would on skis or snowboard.

Secondly, the skibike by design has excellent edging ability and can stop very quickly. The low center of gravity and  handlebars make for a very stable and controllable vehicle.

If the rider ever gets separated from the skibike in a spill, the skibike stops almost immediately after tipping over thanks to the footpegs and handlebar acting as a brake. If your snowboard gets away from you, you most likely will have to chase it downhill a bit.

Also many injury-inducing falls occur when skiers are fatigued and/or distracted. Skibiking is a naturally less fatiguing activity; a rider theoretically can stay focused and in control longer.

The MonoTrac is designed to handle aggressive riding, but we encourage everyone to ride within their limits, stay alert, respect others sharing the mountain, and know their safety code.

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